The Global Hub- Romero Interview 09/10/18


Oscar Romero
Broadcast date: 9th October 2018

Audio clip: Recording of the shooting of Archbishop Romero, while saying Mass

Interview: Tom Crowley, Trócaire's Head of Region for Latin America, presents a
portrait of Oscar Romero, and reveals Trócaire's role in supporting social justice and development
work in El Salvador.

Interview: Professor Dermot Keogh talks about the development of Oscar Romero's thinking,
and the social context he worked in.

Audio clip: Extract from the film Romero, dramatising the powerful sermon delivered by the
Archbishop only a few days before his assassination.

Interview: Tom Crowley talks about the role of radio in El Salvador in the early 1980s, when
literacy levels were low, and televisions were scarce. Romero's sermons were broadcast on the
radio, and the names of people murdered and disappeared were read out.

Interview: Professor Dermot Keogh provides an eye witness account of the funeral of Oscar
Romero, when mourners were shot at by snipers and between 30 and 50 people died, either by
shooting or the ensuing stampede.

Interview: Tom Crowley demonstrates the link between Irish people supporting Trócaire's
campaigns and the ongoing development work in Latin America. He also talks about Trócaire's
Romero Awards.

Interview: Professor Dermot Keogh notes the canonisation of Oscar Romero, and observes that
in the eyes of the ordinary people of Latin America, he's already a Saint.