The Global Hub-Gender Equality 2016

Delighted to report that my radio show The Global Hub has been awarded a Distinction Award by CRAOL the Community Radio Forum of Ireland.

“An excellent production showcasing a rich local and global history. Excellent example of teamwork” (CRAOL)

Having run a ten week course in Development Education and Radio at Youghal Local Radio (funded by Trocaire for which I am most grateful), the group of amazing participants put together three radio shows on complex issues. My congratulations and gratitude to the team: Bernadette Phillips, Stan Phillips, Vicki McGee, Éanna Dowling, Will McGoldrick, Eileen McGoldrick, Lynda Kelly, to whom I give full credit for these fantastic radio shows.

You can listen to the fruits of their hard work in these three programmes on Colonialism, Gender and TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  Here is the show about gender equality: