The Global Hub-Education and Global Development 05/07/18


Education and Global Development
Broadcast date: June 5th 2018

Studio chat Presenter Gertrude Cotter explains the Id Est programme at UCC, which exposes
student teachers to global development issues.

Interview Ms O’Shea from the Nagle Rice Secondary School in Doneraile explains what she
learned from the Id Est programme and how she applied the learning in the classroom.

Vox Pop Ms O’Shea's students talk about “The Tent”, a reconstruction of the shelter a typical
Yazidi refugee family would live in.

Interview Kayleigh Falvey, a student of Digital Humanities at UCC, discusses the website she
and her team created as a response to their learning about the plight of the Yazidi people. The
website,, focuses on the experience of a 23 year old refugee Aziz.

Interview Sam Taylor from Medicin Sans Frontieres talks about the humanitarian crisis facing
the Rohingya people.

Studio chat Éanna and Gertrude reflect on the contents of the show, and the outrage generated
by awareness of the plights of the Rohingya and the Yazidi people.