Room for Refugees

our bordersOne of the projects I intend to develop over the next few months is a Room for Refugees Project.

I want to:

1. Set up a project which involves encouraging Irish people (our leaders are not up to it) who have rooms in their homes to give a home to refugees;

2. Link this action to a campaign on Refugee Lives which places emphasis on our responsibilities;

3. Link this work to one of the over-arching themes I want to develop in my new venture, which is that we need a new model of living where distribution of resources and sustainability become part of the local and global consciousness. I hope the “spare room” project becomes a living example of practical resource sharing.

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I am just beginning to think about this project but rather than wait and think too much I am trying to see if there are around ten people who would actually genuinely be open to housing one or two refugees in their own homes here in Ireland.  I need to look into lots of things in relation to this including would need people with courage and conviction to spearhead this pilot.  I also intend to link this action to a broader campaign on my desire to see economic models which are about sustainability and redistribution of resources.  I have a room in my own home.

I believe many drops do make an ocean.  We have to believe that really.  The ocean takes lives but we have to create new oceans.  And we can’t wait for these cretins who are leading us to do so.  We are comfortable here. We have no idea how comfortable we are. I live in a beautiful house with lots of space. So do many people in Ireland.  Its safe.  Its peaceful.  Surely we can give just one room “back”.  Is it too much to ask?