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Social Justice

  • “Id Est”

    Group:            UCC School of Education

    Methdology:  Development Education

    Project Title: “Id Est"

    Purpose:        Citizenship Education

  • The Global Hub Radio Show

    Group:            Community Radio Youghal

    Methdology:  Radio/Social Justice issues

    Project Title: The Global Hub Programme

    Purpose:        Raise Awareness

  • Moving On: Digital Archive & Film

    Group:            People with Disabilities

    Methdology:  Stories, Film, Archive

    Project Title: “Moving On”



  • UCC Friends of Refugees

    Group:            UCC

    Methdology:  Student/Staff Activism

    Project Title: UCC Friends of Refugees

    Purpose:        Support/Awareness

  • Lesotho Meets Cork Online Learning

    Group:            NGO Lesotho/UCC

    Methdology:  E-Learning

    Project Title: Lesotho meets UCC

    Purpose:        Global Citizenship