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Moving On: Digital Archive & Film

Group:            People with Disabilities

Methdology:  Stories, Film, Archive

Project Title: “Moving On”




This project is funded by Cork City Council Arts Grant and is in collaboration with Cheshire Homes, Glanmire Cork. My thanks to both.

Further Information


  1. Documents the unique journies of two people, Valerie Browne and Matthew Whitney in their own words, at key milestones in their transitional journeys out of residential care into the community, over two years 2014-2016;
  2. These include timelines, photo collages, video clips and two short films;
  3. The site also features a digital archive

In 2012 the Health Service in Ireland produced a Report ‘Time to Move on from Congregated Settings’ and many people, are moving out of institutional care into their own homes in the community. Having supported people with different abilities to move to the community, the project creator, Gertrude Cotter, was fascinated by the complexity of the move, the bravery of the individuals involved and by the deeper philosophical questions which arose.

The project documents the history of residential care in Ireland and explores the significance of the current changes. A digital archive features historical visual, audio and textual artefacts. It also focuses on the current journeys of two people, both living in residential care for sixteen years. Using digital story-telling they tell their unique stories out of “service-land”. It is a historical moment and one which has not been widely discussed in public discourse. There are many individual and unique stories and we believe these are stories which must be heard.

The two individuals, and their families, also use their own art work and writings to demonstrate what they value about this journey.

The site is also a digital archive documenting not just personal stories but also the history of disability care services, debates about those services and progressive moves to improve the lives of people with disabilities.  The project is still in its infancy but hopefully it will grow and develop over the coming years. I would like this to belong to the community and I invite others to contact me should they wish to highlight their own stories or dialogue on related on Irish policies and services.