“Id Est”

Currently working with Dr. Stephen O Brien at the School of Education, UCC, on the”Id Est” Project.  “Id Est” is: “Integrating Development Education into Student Teacher Practice”.

The project involves integrating Development Education in the core teacher education module as well as introducing non-core activities such as the Global Teacher Award (in collaboration with Galway One World Centre).

Id Est is funded by the Irish Aid Funded organisation “Ubuntu”.

Phase 3 of the “Id Est” project will take place in 2016-2017 academic year.  We will focus strongly on student classroom and research activities. Year 2 Professional Masters in Education (PME) students will focus on their Masters Research Papes and introduce theoretical frameworks from a critical pedagogy and development education perspective. Year 1 students will develop lesson plans which integration development education approaches.

Such an approach offers opportunities which are relevant and exciting for the student teacher.  We will also carry out research based on student projects. This Phase III is an opportunity for our School to garner the real impact of research work with students ‘on the ground’.

We aim to emphasise education that strives to make society a better place rather than just meeting economic needs.  It is hoped that an enhanced research repository will inspire and inform new school and classroom practices that are faithful to DE principles, and that will promote a more inclusionary focus in ITE provision.

On 16th July 2016 we are organising a Seminar called

“Re-presenting Education: Development Education Meets Critical Pedagogy”