Behind the Curtain

I was lucky enough to work with a group of family carers in 2015, supporting them to tell their stories through digital storytelling and to develop a campaign strategy for the 2016 General Election.

The “Behind the Curtain” project was set up in 2015 by a group of older carers at the Cork Carers Association. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the lives of older carers, particularly in the run up to the 2016 General Election.

We are asking candidates for the 2016 General Elections the following question:

“Do you or your party intend to implement the National Carers Strategy”?

We are asking you to ask the same question.

Our vote is important.  There are thousands of family carers across this country.

This matters to all of us. Most of us will be either carers or be cared for at some point in our lives.  Just now its us. It most likely will also be you and your family.


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