From time to time I carry out some consultancy work when a project is of interest to me and when I feel that I have something to offer.  I have carried out consultancy work in the following areas:

1. Education and Training

  • I have developed and delivered both in-house and on-line training courses in fields such as Development Education, Global Citizenship. Citizenship and Sustainable Development.

2. Dialogue and Action

  • I have facilitated online partnerships, focusing on development and social justice issues, between students and communities in the global north and the global south (Lesotho, Kenya and India). 
  • I have worked with Family Carers Ireland (Cork Branch) to develop a campaign strategy during a general election in Ireland.  I also worked with them to develop digital stories about the lives of their members.  These can be found at this website:  
  • I have facilitated intercultural twinning projects between Cork and Germany and Cork/Cardiff.

3. Research

  • I have led several research projects and have a number of publications. Details can be found here: