Oral History of Development Education in Ireland Part 1

June 29, 2023
Oral History of Development Education in Ireland Part 1 During 2021 and 2022 I had the honour of interviewing, on radio, people who have been involved in the field of Development Education in Ireland from the 1960s to the present day.   Together, the series of interviews, in eight one hour shows, provides a contribution towards

The Global Hub- Covid 07/07/20

August 27, 2020
The global pandemic Covid-19 is having a huge impact on the lives of people in many and varied ways across the world. As well as the direct health effects, there are enormous economic and social impacts; all of these are further increasing already major inequalities within and between countries. In this show we are grateful

The Global Hub- University Of Sanctuary 2019

August 27, 2019
In this week’s show we feature the welcoming evening which took place at UCC for the University of Sanctuary scholar awards.  As a University of Sanctuary, UCC welcomes asylum-seekers and refugees who is not eligible for the state Free Fees scheme, SUSI grants and/or the state pilot support scheme (documentation of status will be required).  The scholars have met the academic

The Global Hub – Sally Sanchez O’Neill Tribute 05/19

May 27, 2019
It was with deep sadness that I learned of the death of Sally O’Neill Sanchez who has died aged 68 in April 2019, following a horrific motor accident in Guatemala.  Also killed in that accident were her colleagues  Ana Paula Hernandez, Daniel Tuc and Ana Velasquez. Sally worked for the charity Trócaire, which she joined

Life in Limbo 05/02/19

February 5, 2019
ASYLUM SEEKERS FETAC 3 RADIO COURSE UCC in conjunction with CRAOL and Community Radio Youghal ran  a Radio Skills course to coincide with Refugee Week, January 21 to 25th 2019. The course was available to those currently living in Direct Provision Accommodation Centres. Congratulations to Asad, Dolapo, Nassim, Ozwell, Sultan, Blerina, Uzma (Full names not

The Global Hub – Latin American Series 2018 Part 1

November 1, 2018
As part of our ongoing work with Trócaire, who fund the Global Hub as one of their strategic partner projects, we are producing a series of three shows on the theme of Latin America. The first programme, The Global Hub: 21st September 2018, focuses on Nicaragua, Honduras and Argentina and features the following speakers: Professor

The Global Hub – Latin America Conference 18/09/18

September 18, 2018
Programme 6             Latin America, first show of 3  Broadcast date:           18th September 2018  Feature Interview:    Professor Dermot Keogh discusses issues affecting Latin America, focussing on recent developments in Nicaragua, the role of the Church, and on Argentina.    Interview:                  Peader King, presenter of the RTÉ documentary series What in the World, discusses contemporary life in Honduras, drawing on his experience

The Global Hub-Legislative responses to Palestine and to Climate Change 10/08/18

August 10, 2018
  Broadcast date: July 10th 2018 Field recording: A round of applause greets Palestinian farmers at a public meeting in Carrigaline. Interview: Gerry Liston, legal officer with Sadaka, the Ireland Palestine alliance, explains the legal and political background to the Occupied Territories Bill. Public Talk: Mona from Palestine shares her experiences of farming in the

The Global Hub-Education and Global Development 05/07/18

July 7, 2018
  Education and Global Development Broadcast date: June 5th 2018 Presenter Gertrude Cotter explains the Id Est programme at UCC, which introduces student teachers to global development issues. Interview with student teacher, Ms O’Shea from the Nagle Rice Secondary School in Doneraile explains what she learned from the Id Est programme and how she applied

The Global Hub- Gender and Women’s Empowerment 13/03/18

March 13, 2018
Programme 1             Gender and Women’s Empowerment  Broadcast date:           March 13, 2018      Mná na gCorcaigh 1. A selection of women ranging in age from 8 to 90+ were asked two questions, (1) What are the main issues facing women in the world today? (2) What are the main issues facing women in Ireland today? The first item

The Global Hub – Latin America Conference 2016

August 26, 2016
Gertrude prefaces the Latin American Conference in Maynooth 2016 by discussing her own personal interest in Latin American justice since her postgraduate degree. Chris O’Connell then talks about LASC, or the Latin American Solidarity Center, which he chairs; this organization was founded in 1996 in conjunction with Maynooth College to promote social justice campaigns and

The Global Hub- Moving On 2016

August 25, 2016
“Moving On” is the story of two people, Valerie Brown and Matthew Whitney. It is primarily the story of their move out of residential care for people with disabilities. Valerie and Matthew both lived in residential care for many years and have been engaged in a long process of preparation to move to their own

The Global Hub-Gender Equality 2016

August 25, 2016
Delighted to report that my radio show The Global Hub has been awarded a Distinction Award by CRAOL the Community Radio Forum of Ireland. “An excellent production showcasing a rich local and global history. Excellent example of teamwork” (CRAOL) Having run a ten week course in Development Education and Radio at Youghal Local Radio (funded

Ireland in the Wider World Series 2016

July 29, 2016
In 2016 I carried out a series of interviews with people with a link to Ireland, who had worked in different ways, in different decades in different parts of the world and in different jobs!  Here you will find a flavour of these interesting conversations which also form an oral history of the Irish connection

Inside Education and Nigeria in 1960s : July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016
Inside Education and Nigeria in 1960s : July 5, 2016    Gertrude Cotter interviews Dr. Stephen O’Brien; School of Education, UCC     Irish in the Global World series:  Gertrude Cotter Mrs. June Barry; lived in Nigeria during 1960s [Part of Irish in the Global World series]    Audio Link:    Summary: Dr. Stephen O’Brien reviews his recent pedagogy-focused published work on learning power, personal learning,

Global Hub CRAOL Award 2016

May 9, 2016
Delighted to report that my radio show The Global Hub has been awarded a Distinction Award by CRAOL the Community Radio Forum of Ireland. “An excellent production showcasing a rich local and global history. Excellent example of teamwork” (CRAOL) Having run a ten week course in Development Education and Radio at Youghal Local Radio (funded

Radio Interview with Féilim Ó HAdhmaill

April 12, 2016
Interview with Féilim Ó HAdhmaill, Lecturer, Applied Social Studies, University College Cork on The State of the Community and Voluntary Sector in Ireland et al. Date: April 2016 Radio station: Community Radio Youghal, Co Cork Interviewer: Gertrude Cotter Presenter of the Global Hub  

Family Carers Cork: January 12, 2016

January 12, 2016
    Family Carers Cork: January 12, 2016    Gertrude Cotter interviews members of Family Carers Ireland: Mary MacDonald, Peter Cox, Pat O’Malley, Kitty O’Donohue      Summary: Ms. Cotter introduces Family Carers Ireland as a nonprofit, political organization, based in Cork, which aims to be a voice and support system for those who take care of family dependents. Mary MacDonald takes care

Lorna O’Mahoney Interview – Cork Nature Network

January 12, 2016
Below is an interview with Lorna O’Mahoney who works with Cork Nature Network.  This is one of a series of three programmes was funded by the Local Agenda 21 Partnership fund, Cork County Council in 2015. The programmes are presented by Gertrude Cotter who presents a programme at Community Radio Youghal called the Global Hub.

Interview with Chinedu Onyejelem

January 12, 2016
Chinedu Onyejelem is the Editor and Publisher of Ireland’s multicultural weekly Metro Eireann.Chinedu has played a leading role in the promotion of cross-cultural relationships in the emerging multiethnic community in Ireland. He is a native of Nigeria and has lived in Ireland for 14 years and is now an Irish citizen. After moving to Ireland

Anti-Deportation Ireland Interview

January 12, 2016
Radio interview with Joe Moore of Anti-Deportation Ireland. Anti-Deportation Ireland (ADI) is a national, multi-ethnic grassroots network/alliance of activists, asylum seekers, refugees, community workers, trade unionists, and academics who have come together to campaign against forced deportation in Ireland, and for the abolition of the direct provision system. ADI believes that deportation is inhuman, unnecessary

Interview with Matthew Whitney

January 12, 2016
Hi, all! In this interview Mr. Matthew Whitney talks about his many interests. Vintage cars, old movies, trains, ships, planes, history especially the Cold War. He also talks about his relationship with God and spirituality. He gives his views about attitudes towards people with intellectual and physical disabilities and he talks about his move out

Alice Darcy on “Green Campus” UCC

January 12, 2016
Hi, everyone! In this interview, I talk to Alice Darcy, of University College Cork, about the idea of a ‘green campus’ — and a positive action for the environment right here in Cork! Best listen below!        

Family Carers Cork

January 12, 2016
Listen to Peter, Kitty, Mary, Pat and from Family Carers Ireland, Cork Branch, speaking about life as a family carer. This radion interview is part of the “Behind the Curtain” project ( was set up in 2015 by a group of older carers at the Cork Carers Association. Its purpose is to raise awareness about

The Global Hub- Niyi Kolawole Interview 2015 – Racism in Irish Health System

August 25, 2015
Niyi Kolawole, a current University College Cork PhD candidate, discusses the current state of the Irish health system. Focusing on structural racism in the health system.